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Global Citizen is the host of the annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service. The national King Day of Service started in Philadelphia as a small project in 1996 with 1,000 volunteers. It has become a fast-growing nationwide movement that has worked to break down barriers, form ongoing partnerships, and foster understanding about the legacy of Dr. King, particularly among young people.

Global Citizen is the service tracking agent for King Day events and activities happening in this tri-state area (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey). In return for registering projects, Global Citizen offers free services such as volunteer matching, King Day of Service t-shirts, online project tracking, King Day of Service briefings, a coordinators’ appreciation breakfast, and more. For more information about the King Day of Service, click here.

For more information on the registration process for the King Day of Service, please click here or contact our offices at 215-259-8374 or

How to Participate in King Day

Global Citizen works with a vast network of community organizations to maintain a comprehensive registry of King Day activity happening on or around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day each year. This portal is set up to help organizers promote and manage these opportunities and let volunteers find the project(s) they are interested in. Read below to figure out how you can work with us to have a meaningful King Day experience.

Volunteer for a Project

Search and explore volunteer and other opportunities for King Day on our portal, and create an account to register and reserve your spot.

Host a Project

Register your organization to our portal to begin posting your plans for King Day. After speaking with our staff and having your opportunities approved, volunteers can then search and sign up for them, which you can track using our Sharing Portal (note: this link will not work unless you have created an account and logged in).

For more information about project planning and resources to support your plans, consider signing up for a planning workshop or visiting our Resources Page.

Be A Part of Global Citizen's Signature Site

If you would like to be part of Global Citizen's Signature Site event, please contact our staff directly and we will walk you through the process of creating an account and registering an opportunity as part of the event.

Become a Sponsor

If you would like to become a supporter of the annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service, please submit a sponsor application. To learn more about sponsorship, please direct inquiries to Todd Bernstein at


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